Monday, November 14, 2011

PhD opportunity for Nepalese

We are lacking of equipment, funds, opportunity, and the policy makers who had never try to understand the value of science so that we have no reputation despite our honesty and laborious work. But we have strong theoretical background in TU and other Universities of Nepal due to tough syllabi/syllabuses  and competition. Erasmus Mundus Europe Asia (EMEA) scholarship has given high priority for Nepalese, and offering full-funded MS, PhD and post-doc positions in different universities of Europe. Nepali passport bearer who completed MSc or 4-year BSc are eligible to apply. Probably, stipend will be 1000-1600 Euro/month. Dead line is December 1, 2011. Click here for more information, also visit about TWAS scholarships.

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Update Mendeley, Reference Managing Software

Due to different styles of references for thesis or articles to be submitted in different journals or departments, reference managing software is exigent nowadays. Mendeley is a freely available reference managing software, which is the most suitable for Linux user, however, Windows user can also use it. Endnote is another good option for Windows user but we have to pay for license.
        Full version of Mendeley 1.1.3 was released few months ago, download from here.

  1. Extract to your suitable folder e.g., to /media/sda5/softwares
  2. Run by clicking icon "mendeleydesktop" on the location of /media/sda5/softwares/mendeleydesktop-1.1.3-linux-i486/bin
  3. Go to "tools" and "Install OpenOffice Plugin" or "Install LibreOffice Plugin" (if you see the message "it won't find "unopkg" in its default location...................... or something like this" then, locate towards /opt/libreoffice/program and click "unopkg" )
  4. Click on "Add Documents" and locate any one PDF and add
  5. Open "LibreOffice Writer" or "OpenOfficeOrg writer" (equivalent of MS Word) and write something
  6. Click "Insert Citation" then go to Mendeley Desktop and click the PDF in the document section just you have added (BibTex or other format can be added)
  7. Click "send citation to word processor"
  8. Then go to word file and click "insert bibliography"
you can choose different citation styles according to your requirements.