Sunday, May 15, 2016

Model Questions for Biochemistry-IV

for M.Sc. Biotechnology
Long Answer Questions        (@7)

  1. Describe the regulation of cholesterol synthesis.
  2. Describe the terpenoids biosynthesis.
  3. Describe the reaction that involves pyridoxal-5-phosphate and explain the mechanism of any one of them.
  4. Describe the beta-oxidation of odd-chain fatty acids.
  5. Describe the gluconeogenesis pathway and its regulation.
  6. Describe the degradation of purine.
  7. Describe the biosynthesis of flavonoids.
  8. Describe the urea cycle.

Short Answer Questions      (@2)
  1. Write a brief note on fate of shikimate in metabolism.
  2. Why alkaloids are imporatant?
  3. Describe the metabolic role of niacin.
  4. Describe the link between TCA and urea cycle.
  5. Explain the mechanism of digestion of carbohydrate in brief.
  6. What are steroid? Mention their role in metabolism.
  7. What are the pharmacological role of coumarin?
  8. Write a short note on monoterpenes.
  9. Describe allelopathy.
  10. Biosynthesis of ribose sugar.

Very Short Answer Questions                             (@1)
  1. Write a short note on carbamoyl phosphate synthetase?
  2. Enlist some organic reaction mechanisms.
  3. Function of biotin.
  4. What are saponin?
  5. Write a short note on flavanone.
  6. Glucocorticosteroid
  7. Role of carnitine.
  8. PUFA
  9. Ascorbic acid
  10. Cholecalciferol

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Model Questions for Pharmacology

Model Questions for Pharmaceutical Microbiology (Food Microbiology)

  1. What are the sources of impurities in pharmaceutical products? 
  2. Explain the “bio-assay” linking with it to the drug discovery process. 
  3. Highlight about the spoilage of pharmaceutical raw materials. 
  4. What is pharmacopoeia and monograph development? Highlight about it in the context of Nepal.
  5. Mention some quality assurance and management practices for pharmaceutical products. 
  6. Describe preservation methods of pharmaceutical products. 
  7. What are the factors affecting microbial spoilage of pharmaceutical products? How the humidity is crucial for it? 
  8. What are the biological indicators of sterilization? Explain any two of them. 
  9. Explain some methods of testing for the presence of antibiotics in meat. 
  10. Explain some in vitro assays that are useful in drug discovery. 

  11. What are the routes of drug administration?
  12. What is pharmacodynamics? Explain with paracetamol (acetaminophen).
  13. What are the "potency and efficacy" of drug? Explain with examples.
  14. What is therapeutic index? Explain and draw a graph for warfarin.
  15. How can we select a molecule to be taken as a medicine? Explain some theoretical aspects.

  16. What are the components of augmentin? Explain the mode of action of augmentin. 
  17. What are the criteria to select the antibiotics as the drug of choice? 
  18. Enlist some biological sources and the antibiotics extracted/isolated from them. 
  19. What are super-bugs? “Overuse of antibiotics may create super-bugs.” Explain the statement.
  20. Describe the MIC and MBC. Explain some methods of searching new antibacterials.