Saturday, October 30, 2010

Want Expeditious and Persistent Memory? Medicate yourself and Dust off Your Musical Instruments for Child.

By Bishnu Marasini
       Except some politicians and few others who only exploit public’s emotional believes to aggrandize and become supreme. We need an urbane brain not only for deep understanding of a subject but also a wide knowledge of diverse field is essential for better life in this competitive era.
       Neuronal cells are the important component of the brain and unable to divide. Millions of the cells in our skin die and regenerate everyday. But neuronal cells once died or damaged, hardly replaced/repaired. But, upon stimulation, they can be more branched as dendrites and the secondary cells (helper of neurons) like astrocytes, oligodandrocites, microglia; ependymal cells are increased in number as well which enrich the better communication of each other increasing efficiency.
Picture 1: Musical Keyboard (Source)
       Recent study reveals the power of music to enhance the brains exhibiting increased vocabulary, multilingual capacity, reading performance and other educational activities. Pleasant waves of music not only increase volume of Grey Matter but also increases the brain’s adeptness and competence. Musical instruments work by two ways; (1) Through pleasant wave of music; (2) Curiosity/learning of instruments to produce such wave. It is most efficient at the age of 7; the stage where brain-cells are actively growing (some are increasing in volume and some in number).
       Also, flash of bright light (especially blue colored) and electric current of 1-2 mA and repeated learning of object found to be effective for long term memory.
       Although, neurons and the memory are lost with the age but the rate of deterioration can be reduced with the meditation. Neuroscientists conduct experiments upon the Buddhist Monk of NEPAL after challenged by the  (Peace) Nobel Laureate; Dalai Lama. Significant improvements were found on the Monks comparing to non-meditating people. After this exciting result, more test done on those people previously unknown of meditation, with the 20 min/day of meditation, exhibited significant improvements.
Picture 2: Preparing for Meditation (Source)
       I also used to medicate early in the morning during examination period which helped to relief from pressure of exam phobia (nowadays lazy in early rise and meditation). Nowadays, most of the elder people in Nepal are influenced by the Yoga technique of Ramdev. It will be more beneficial if some modification of Yoga for brain exercise 5-10 min/day, makes their memory long term. My personal opinion also, meditation maintains a halcyon and expeditious mind which is exigent in these morose, truculent and turbulence days.
       I don’t mean, only music and meditation are perfect for refulgent brain but these techniques adorn the regular activity of reading, writing, speaking, memory recalling, and others.

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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Emotional Faith and Peace Philosophy, Incident of Laboratory

Although I have been hearing lots of stolen cases in this area, I had never witnessed. Even in my lab, there were cases of disappearance of a camera, pen drives, etc....before I joined and/or while I was in hometown. After I joined the lab, the miracle of disappearance of goods had continued, and in last two cases, mobiles were grabbed while all lab members were present, but known only after 2-3 hours. When I got the news, I shocked, how could be possible, all of us were in lab? Immediately, I suggested the lab in-charge to observe CCTV camera (focused to lab's main door from outside). I don't have authority to observe. I don't know whether they observed the whole period of time suspected from the last time phone used to the time of known to stolen. But I guess they did not. At that day, might be all lab fellows were in tension, probably except one, who could grab in front of us.

I witnessed this time but the grabber unknown. What was the motivation and psychology behind there and such mischievous happens (like serial killer in the movie), even in this elite place of well educated scholars? I noted in diary, every situation (I was not in lab in previous cases, witnessed only the last two cases; that's why I could not get sufficient information to analyze). I started the miniature analysis with two hypotheses. I got a lot of information from analysis that took about two months. It was matter of retaliatory and revenge of dissension, which was in climax at that time. Belligerent's intention of bellicose and probably other....... But could not get solid proof that's why it was better not to speak any more in between their emotional belief. I am sure, if lab in charge had investigated from the initial first case, it would be possible to get proof. Probably, their emotional faith and belief or may be question of lab's prestige might became obstacles. Also, I had found the misuse of internet from the log file and tracking software. (I had solid proof in that case). But I never made revealed who was/were culprit(s). Instead, I taught in affable manner which file and how to delete to avoid virus. It is still mysterious why lab in-charge did not investigate.

I (and may be lab in-charge also) may be encouraging and bolstering the culprit(s) by not taking any action. However, we have to see in future. But I want peace, adorable, and family environment in the laboratory, whatever might be some fellows have emotional belief and thinking. Peace !   Peace !!    Peace !!!

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Make Typing Easy

By Bishnu Marasini
Sometimes we become irritated and tired when repeatedly typing some lengthy and/or bummer words (For example, we have to type, to get e.g.,) and symbols. Such case happens particularly during thesis, book, etc. writing. Scientific and mathematical symbols writing and their expression is more boring for some people (at least like me who hate typing comparing the other activities in front of computer). Although we might not have noticed, MS office has built facility to overcome this irritation. Just type eg (and space) to get e.g., just type temp (and space) to get temperature
  1. Click on MS office icon on the upper left corner.
  2. Click on word option. 
  3. Click/select on proofing
  4. Select AutoCorrect Option
  5. Select the AutoCorrect Tab
  6. (6A) Type the unique shortest form of the word for the desired word in left side and (6B) the desired (correct spelling) on the right side as shown in the figure.
  7. Click Replace to store on the database (on MS Word DLL) 
  8. Then OK.
  9. To insert frequently used symbol (like °C,α, β, etc.) select Math AutoCorrect tab.
  10. Don't forget to check on “Use Math AutoCorrect rules outside the math regions".
  11. Do/type again as described in 6 and as shown in the figure to get the desired result.
It will be only waste of time if this trick is done in those places (like cyber cafe) where OS is formatted in every week or month.