Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Film hall

A girl gone for ticket to see cinema and asked that which one is showing in hall.
then the man in counter replied as "Ek bar muskurado, (smile once)".
then the angered girl scold as "Badatmitz (rascal)".
The man replied "wo to pahele lag chuka (That already shown and now changed."

Friday, February 02, 2007


U.S. scientists are using a new form of scanning microscopy to simultaneously study physical and electronic profiles of metal nanostructures.

Researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology and University of Colorado-Boulder say the new instrument — the scanning photoionization microscope — is expected to be particularly useful for analyzing the make-up and properties of nanoscale electronics and nanoparticles.

The scientists said the instrument combines the high spatial resolution of optical microscopy with the high sensitivity to subtle electrical activity made possible by detecting the low-energy electrons emitted by a material as it is illuminated with laser pulses.

The technique potentially could be used to make pictures of both electronic and physical patterns in devices such as nanostructured transistors or electrode sensors, or to identify chemicals or even elements in such structures.

“You make images by virtue of how readily electrons are photoejected from a material,” said NIST fellow David Nesbitt, leader of the research group. “The method is in its infancy, but nevertheless it really does have the power to provide a new set of eyes for looking at nanostructured metals and semiconductors.”

The instrument is described in the journal Chemical Physics.

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A Week Without Contact of Friends

A Week of few Word Uttered
       Everyday we used to meet at a certain point that would be almost at equal distant for all of us from our room. We used to debate Microbiology, and I was loquacious. If we could not meet, we used to phone one another. But last week became different to me. I did not meet anyone and surprisingly NO phone. I could utter just 2-3 sentences/day, a thrift week.
       I had spent 3 days in IT unit central library where I had spoken only the word, “Namaskar Lal sir.” One day I had planned to meet Khagendra Koirala who had invited me through SMS. But on the road I lured and stuck on cyber café, meanwhile I got an SMS again that he was not in his room, so I continued for five hours in Nayabazaar. Rest of the days I spent in the apartment.
       I was not angry with any of the friends and neither disappointed nor diseased. It was fortuitous. I showed the insanity to study Visual Basic 6.0, VBScript, and web page designing, which I had started to learn many years ago. I wanted a little bit advance study. Fortunately, in the halcyon environment I could study in deep and could generate some files and completed some basic tasks. I could make some amusing web pages as well as some calculating software (that could be useful in our practical class) in Visual Basic. Now I laugh at me why I was spending so many times in computer with such craziness. My profession is not for the computer because my degree in biology.