Friday, January 19, 2007

by Suman Neupane

Gossip, Tea and Hidden Reality
It was the month of January, the weather condition was cool due to which several living structure was facing a harsh momentum. The appearance of massive dews can be seen by every eye’s at the first period of shining moment of the day.
With running time of morning,Ramesh ‘a social worker’ get up from the bed. After having mouth and teeth washed and brushed, he takes a cup of tea prepared by his native, as he was living their in the position of social worker since fifteen day before so he was quiet familiar with common existing system.
He started to walk towards the town which was a kilometer away from the place where he uses to stay. The town was the place to have a gossip among the people of several society, casts creeds and religion. For them morning was the right moment to have a first meet. No any topic used to remain constant for gossip. With the changing moment, the topic of gossip used to change day by day. But usually they use to talk about the social, political and economical aspect. It doesn’t mean they do not talk about other mater; they use to talk about other mater but it seems to be in the rear case even they use to talk about various absurdities.
After having a walk of fifteen minute Ramesh reach the town and started to find out his destination, where he could find the group of people whom he is feted for to have a gossip by the medium of tea ‘sitting at the corner of the hotel. Finally he found the symbol that he is searching.

Hello! Ramesh, how are you? Let’s have a hand check one of his friend shouted from the corner side of hotel which is located at his left hand side. Same process of hand check repeated one among another among the people who are present their and who are well known to him. They odors one more cup of tea and start to have a gossip that they usually use to have.
They all are professional personality, so usually they use to have a talk about several professions. It can be said that there is a collection of people who are engage in several sector. Among them some are social worker, some are businessman, some are politician and some are teacher. But there is still the majority of social worker. So due to its majority, mostly the topic used to be about social mater. Same process repeated hat day also.
While they were having a gossip, the men who seem very old came on the hotel and ask for the cup of tea to he owner. His dress seems to be very dirty which was symbolizing that he was from a very poor family.
Ok! I will provide you after a while ‘the owner replied with hesitative sound.
Among the massive presentation the old man sit separately with gloomy face.
The hotel owner was making the tea for people who came after the old man but he was not showing the sign to provide the cup of tea to the sick old man.
With curious nature Ramesh along with his friend are watching the event that is being going on which move their mater of concentration towards next direction
With the shivery mode because of cold, the old man was waiting for the tea at the next corner of the hotel with solitary nature.
Pointing towards the owner Ramesh shout, why are you not providing the cup of tea to this old man since he is waiting for a long time? Sir he was ‘dalit’ the person of lower cast, owner replied.
The reply seem very hypocritical to Ramesh. He found their still remaining the sign of extreme castism.
The hotel personal bring the cup of tea towards the old man and odors "take and clean the glass" with a rude manner. Ramesh rub his eyes to notify whether he is in dream or not. Finally he found that he is not in the dream.
Is the system of cleaning he glass is for everyone? If so why the before coming personality went without cleaning the glass? He asks to the owner.
With calm manner the owner replied –‘sir, they are not a dalit, i.e. they are the people of higher class but he is dalit so he have to clean the glass.
If we clean his glass what the society will say! Sir? He adds.
Ramesh found Thick absurdity with thin reality in his saying.

It is the system having origin point on past and is still going on. But now we have to stop its continuity. One of his friends sitting with him tells.
Of-course ‘it is old contradiction which is against of true humanism, so we have to pull out its root.’ Ramesh add and move towards the old man.
Grandfather, what is your name?
Ram bahadur sharki, he replied.
What is your profession, grandfather? Ramesh again asked.
At past we use to make the shoes but now a days situation change, instead of ordering us to make the shoes people started to go for a town to have a shoe. So now I use to work as a house builder, but I don’t know up to when it last for? I am hearing, in big towns and cities engineers have started to construct the house. He replied.
Ramesh found the mass of truth in his innocent eyes. The discussion last for a hour.
Ok! Sir, I am getting too let as I have to go for a work. The old man said and started to move towards the place where he could clean the glass.
Ramesh came towards the old man and snatched the cup from old mans hand. With the glass he go in front of the owner who was in the counter and said, if you want to give continuity to your business start o treat equally among all people.
The owners face turns red. He odors his personal to carry the cup.
Ramesh pay the money for old mans tea. And their physical structure became temporarily departed.
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litrerature by Suman Neupane

Moment of Dusk
It was a moment of dusk when I was returning ' from the nature. Nothing was there to hinder me up and was shocked. I was in my own way and recalling all the moment or event that occurred.
Several symbol was their which was applied that brought the mass of fuliginous and non fuliginous resultant. The resultant was their ‘the solution of morality and non morality, sociality and non sociality and also there existing a mixture of symbiotic and parasitic structure.’ Several blossoms was their, who became the target point and the result published where the sprit of the blossoms was make demised. Though the heart weeps a tear, the collogues remained quiet and was locked in the cage within the limited area providing the four sided agent for the purpose to concentrate towards the vibration of their physical structure. "The social evacuees" was the title rewarded to the up coming offspring even they were respiring in the womb of female vegetation.
I used to visit their physics. I used to find the physical gloomy, which used to elongate my journey and extended up to their psychology. Because I was unable to create the satisfaction with its limited edition. When I reached there, I found self in the next side of round sphere and the condition that I found was full of more and much fear that was ever and even expected by my sorts of social structure before.
The physical nature was same as statues which was silent, which is silent and which will be silent forever. And, no symbol was remaining there for recovery which was incurable fever.
When I was walking on the world of their wants, desiration and psychological needs one of their candidates arrived in front of me. With gloomy nature, she requested me to carry her up in the world of pigeon from that of vulture. " Manage some space and take us away, we have no more toleration power to create the resistivity force for resisting the torture provided by the destructive diabolic spirit try to let us to escape from the world of cactus and provide to move towards that of orchids" was the prey of their soul. But it was me who can do no ever than providing a consolation which was the weakness having origin point on me.
It began to make me disturbed. Each and every spark of my day and night started to symbolized me a agent which have a way but no destination, a moon which have to depend upon other to maintain its position.
It made me unable to have a stand within the same position. So, I refused to be limited within the moon and started to step towards the sun Also I left to be the product and started to follow pre required procedures to be the producer.
It was my first experiment, which brought several, ups and down in the life system of several social being, it was the experiment which carry away the physical existence of several spirit and also the attempt which successfully break the ice and replace the several ex- existence which have been threatened.
It was a time when I have just started to step towards the sun, one devil came in front of me and create a block in my way. He applied as many procedures as he can, to make me limit within the moon. However, I strongly rejected it, as I never wanted to do it because just a day before I was waked and never wanted to be slept again.
When I did it, mass of agony was observed in his eyes, which were symbolizing that he was going to swallow me alive. ‘carrying the agony in both nature he came towards me and shackled my hand due to which it became unable to write, my happiness was threatened which include black and remove the symbol of bright as only the physical nature was free and all the psychology was imprisoned. So once again the blossoms expectation remained unfulfilled, again they got compiled to adjust evil spirit. The future that they have started to see was re-eroded. As they began to feel that earth stop to rotate. However, the situation does not remain stable. The next blossoms came more revolutionary then ex-blossoms. They started to pick up the voice of liberation, as a result diabolic spirit became unable to face and flew away which brought sign of freedom and each and every chain psychology were set free, each and every soul gained a right to live under the canopy of owns aspiration as well as desiration in a same momentum , I was also awarded a freedom.
Today all the hunted wants are going to be overcome and I am capable to go in nature and return from there without any hesitation. There is no any agent to create a block in my way but in future, there may be the creation of next block. In against of such block, I fought a past and if needed I will fight in future. As the group of upcoming blossoms in my sight to fight against such non moral creation.
Suman Neupane
NIC, Dillibazar

Not Jokes like joke

I shook hand with sir
When our department was locked, I shook hand with a sir who was standing in front of channel gate (door), thinking that he was our one batch senior dai and said, "K chha dai? Aaram hununcha?" giving my hand.

One of our sir told me to deliver that he would not coming tomorrow to teach us and would come on Tuesday. "Tuesday?" ,I said. "Yes don’t forget to deliver",sir emphasized. "Ok sir". After half an hour when friends met, I said, "sir is not coming tomorrow, he will come on Sunday." (How quickly I forgot).

May be your father
One of our, friend expressed his feeling while entering for tea on a house whose was made up of wood and mud and was squabble. He said, "Oh! like my house, I am feeling I am in my house". Then another friend replied promptly, pointing towards house owner who was cooking tea for us, "He may be your father".

Dog thought
In a picnic spot a dog staring a friend for a long time. The friend was then astonished and told, "Why is it looking at me so long time?" then other friend said, "Perhaps it is thinking about his big brother?"

Thursday, January 18, 2007

I realized mistake.

I got in a microbus from Kalanki for Koteswar toward Sanjeev's room and sat in front sit (not in cabinet). In Balkhu a girl (may be married woman) and a middle aged man entered the microbus and sat in the same sit. The girl was in between me and the man I was in corner toward the window.
I looked outward (I prefer in journey to view seen) and had never bent toward the girl and door after she entered. In Satdobato wari she got off from the microbus. The helper then asked for fare all of us. While giving fare I bent toward the helper (in door side) and I found a fifty rupee note in the sit. Conforming that money was not mine I asked the middle aged man if that belongs to him because he has just taken out money from his pocket to pay fare. At the same time he was giving fare telling he will for Tinkune. After taking money he promptly got off from the microbus in Satdobato pari. Then I realized my mistake.

Monday, January 15, 2007


         Yesterday I played cricket all day. The game
was between the young of
Kirtipur and boys of hostel
and others
I merged in hostel team and I made 53 runs
although our team loss the
game.I remembered my those
childhood days when I usually crossed 50s in a inning
(played with cork ball rarely
with duce and leather
ball) but was failed to make so for 9 years after

joining campus.

Thursday, January 11, 2007


Today I had gone to observe can infotech.
I think this is only for business view where latest technology is advertised to lure people and grab their money. It would be very good to exibit how to use them for revenue generation or to simplify life or how we nepali also can make such device.
It would be better to use Nepali experties to export software in foreign countries or to use them to make software used in Nepal at least to displace foreign technology.