Thursday, January 06, 2005

What does Happen, if the Prime Minister of Nepal Becomes Supreme?

If the Prime Minister (PM) / president / king becomes supreme and powerful, and has supreme authority for the decision, the decision may not always become veracity. Look back at Rana dynasty and their monopoly and cruelty. Actually, Ranas are responsible to degrade deteriorate and to make Nepal a poor country by shutting down the educational institutes, hanging, jailing the scholars. Then, Nepal is becoming poorer and fragile day by day. No one could raise question against Rana. Another example of recent past, the noxious decision taken by Deuba to dismiss parliament, which make shocked many Nepalese.
Although PM should be powerful, it should be controlled by parliament and king/president. In addition, academic background should be strong to be eligible to become PM. In fact, not only for PM, but also for other minister and all Member of Parliament also needs a good academic background.  Unfortunately, in Nepal, very few of them have acceptable academic background and we are following them. This is one reason that Nepal is becoming poorer and poorer in recent days.
In the worst case, the first/second class scholars, i.e., doctors/engineers/officers are controlled by the third class scholars, i.e., politicians who are ultimately controlled by failed class, i.e., mafias and dons. What a painful condition where we are surviving. By Bishnu Marasini When will Nepal get buildings of such kind?

How shigella causes dysentery

French scientists say they believe they’ve discovered how shigella bacteria survive in the gut to be able to cause dysentery.
Laurence Arbibe and colleagues at the Pasteur Institute in Paris found a protein produced by shigella is injected into host cells and blocks production of immune signals required for preventing the infection.
Shigella affects millions of people worldwide, killing hundreds of thousands annually.
The researchers studied Shigella flexneri infection of human colon cells to understand the bacterial factors required to initiate disease. Shigella bacteria are known to inject up to 20 proteins into intestinal cells for the purpose of promoting infection and for dampening immune responses.
They found one of the injected proteins, OpsF, could prevent gut cells from switching on genes involved in immune responses. As a consequence, Shigella flexneri avoids being killed by their host’s immune cells and is able to spread throughout the gut.
The scientists say their study highlights the precision with which pathogens such as shigella can dramatically alter host cells. It also suggests blocking OspF may provide a target for treating bacterial dysentery.
The study is reported in the January issue of the journal Nature Immunology.

How Can Rhinos be Saved? Save the Rhino.

Love Animals and Save Rhinoceros (Gainda; गैंडा)
I have never supported the killing of animals for any purpose. Also, decreasing numbers of endangered rhinoceros by poachers who are protected under politicians and mafias is the subject of anxious for me in these days. Because of exaggeration, people are usually confused with the horn of the rhino has the medicinal value or other magic power. But no such kind of this thing is associated with the horn. In fact, this is only compact keratin as same as our hair.

How cruelty can poacher show for this useless horn just for a little money.
Unfortunately, they are unwilling to know, the more money they can earn by saving these rhinos and pursuing tourism or after the natural death of the animal.

Nepal has the prestige of being longest history as well as power. But her prestige has been declining for a few centuries and still not even in stationary phage. Government of Nepal has not been focusing to develop science and technology for revenue generation and to make a better life of Nepalese, what a pain! Tourism as a little hopes and is one of the major revenue generating sectors. The national park is one of the major destinations for tourists. It could be broadened and managed well for more income. One horned rhinos (Rhinoceros unicornis) are only found in Nepal and India as their natural habitat. Nepal has gifted a pair of rhino to Pakistan, where it is extinct. Caring and saving of rhinoceros, tiger and other many endangered animals found in Nepal help not only to attract tourists but also to preserve our biodiversity. I think the rate of killing of such endangered animals can be retarded by a combination of the following strategies.

  • Awaking the locals about the environment and wildlife because local people also have been found to be involved in killing or stealing of the horns of Rhinos in some cases. Also, they can co-operate with security personnel to handcuff the poachers.
  • Installing the secret cameras at least the place where rhinos defecate. Rhinos prefer to defecate in a single place. The heap of dung can guide poacher to trap and kill the rhinos.
  • Establishing the security post especially in the border side because poachers are abusing some flexible rules and facilities of both countries.
  • Although there is fine but it should be more strict.
  • If you have any idea, please share.

    ( Just published in a Newspaper, 2005, This article is an unedited version)

    Wednesday, January 05, 2005


    harvesting from tree
    A man bought a pair of shoe from a shop without testing.
    He wear that in a party another day.
    One of his friends asked about the shoes feeling that
    they were smaller than his feet.
    He asked, “From where did you bring the shoes?”
    The man was already angered with small shoes
    And the question made him irritated and replied,
    “I had harvested from a tree.”His friend then answered, “Oh, you had done in a hurry, if you had harvested after a few days, it would be fit to your feet.”


    Those days were so intolerable
    For me to bear
    Famished with hunger
    I was searching for
    My own life’s retreat

    Tuesday, January 04, 2005

    22 December 2004

    In nepal study of microbiology is very important