Thursday, September 01, 2011

Influencing Google+ Made me Switching off Facebook

Although I am beginner of google+, nowadays I am spending more time in it as compared to Facebook. Obviously, some exciting features of Facebook had been luring not only teenagers but also geriatrics. But some limitations such as  option to add as friend only, though all connected people are not friends. Few years ago, I had requested one of my teacher to add as a friend. He knew me. I am confident he knew me, however, he asked to introduce myself. Even though I introduced myself, he doubt as we were friends. Can't we be connected each other in Facebook because we are student and teacher? That's why I have not requested any of my teachers to connect in Facebook yet.

I was asked to introduce before connecting in Facebook but still not connected

Another limitation of Facebook was some status. It might not be appropriate for my relatives connected, but useful for my class fellow. These status couldn't be hidden from each other.I have to restrict selecting one by one. Jokes that I wanted to post, might be laughable for some of my friend of college, which is not necessarily understandable by my friends of school level.

I hope Facebook overcome these limitation within few weeks (or probably, have updated). Otherwise I prefer google+ to Facebook.


  1. bishnu ji it was same with me but the problem is that there are very few frens in google plus

  2. Rameshwar ji, as Google+ is recently launched, with the flow of time, there will be saturation.