Thursday, April 07, 2011

Blogspot, remove unnecessary hyperlinks created by JavaScript Void (0)

If blogspot contains blog archive (history) gadget, this history gadget helps to show topics of the posts according to published date, month-wise (or week-wise), and year-wise. Because of this blog archive, two kinds of hyperlink will be generated for each post. One, which links for posts (page). Another, javascript : void (0) that links homepage without any anchor text. This code, "JavaScript Void (0)", prevents the browser from loading a new page (or refreshing the current page). Although it is not a big issue, unnecessary and repeated "javascript : void (0)", may create an ill SEO. This code and hyperlinks can be removed by the following tricks.
  1. Login to your dashboard-----> Design -----> Edit HTML      OR      Login to blogger, choose "Layout -----> Template ------> Edit HTML
  2. Click "Download Full Templates" link to back up your template, in case if you don't like the changes, reverse by uploading this back up.
  3. Click on "Expand Widget Templates".
  4. Find the following code "Zippy toggle-open".
find unwanted hyperlink creator
find javascript : void (0)
5) Delete the whole words "href = 'javascript :void (0)'".
delete code to remove unwanted hyperlink
delete javascript : void (0)
6) Save your setting. Enjoy

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