Saturday, September 03, 2011

Nepalese in Reputable Science Journals

Probably, there might be some articles published by Nepalese in the famous and reputed science journals, such as science, nature, cell, etc.

Recently, Lujendra Ojha, Mhaipi, Kathmandu has discovered the possibilities of water in the Mars. This made him a famous scientist, and he has been covered in all types of media worldwide. He is an undergraduate research intern at lunar and planetary laboratory, University of Arizona, Tucson, USA. He published his finding as second author in one of the most famous journal (Science, 5 Aug 2011, 333 (6043); 740-743, impact factor of this journal is 31.4).

Another two Nepalese (Deepak Koirala and Soma Dhakal) have published their research article as first and second author in one of the most reputed journal (Nature Chemistry, 28 Aug 2011, impact factor of this journal is 17.9). Deepak Koirala, Rupandehi district, was the batch topper in MSc from Central Department of Chemistry (CDC), TU, Nepal.  Soma Dhakal, Palpa district, also did his MSc from CDC, TU, Nepal and recipient of university fellowship award for his outstanding performance in research from Kent State University, USA. Currently, both are pursuing their PhD from Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry and School of Biomedical Sciences, Kent State University, Kent, Ohio 44242, USA.

Their success not only inspires Nepalese but also shows Nepalese are capable, if got the opportunity. Almost all Nepali who had completed their MSc from Tribhuvan University, Nepal had been doing well in foreign. However, there is no reputation of Nepal in science. International journals usually reject if the corresponding author's affiliation is Nepal (personal experience). This is mainly due to unavailability of good equipments, no budget allocation for research and higher study. Receiving chemicals and reagents used in the laboratories are the expensive and slow process. Ministry of “science and technology” is the least preferred for any political parties and politicians. 

And those Nepali scientists who got the international reputation, should be a leader to develop  / install science and technology and research in Nepal, whatever might be our corrupted government thinks. So that all bright young and brilliant Nepali will get chance to show talent, and do something for science.


  1. All the best to the forementioned scientists (and to the new ones who are yet to publish).

  2. Unfortunately our Government ignores them.

  3. bhishma raj pandey23 November, 2016

    when the neplesase leaders put their mind to science development

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