Thursday, December 23, 2010

Is Linux Virus or Malware Free?

       It may be a coincidence or true? Six months ago, I used Evolution 2.28.3 of Fedora 12 (Equivalent to Outlook Express of Windows) for Gmail. Password was hacked and e-mailed (Viagra and other advertisements) to more than thousand recipients including contact persons from my email account. Thus, account was blocked by Google's e-mail service mentioning the violation of terms. After providing phone number and security question and answer, Google sent activation code through SMS. I analyzed the IP address to find place where  account was opened. It was found Mexico where I  had never been, even in Dream. Then, I changed the password and was going fine.
       The case repeated again a few days ago, when I retried the evolution of same version in the same operating system. Does it mean Linux has leak points for virus and other vulnerability and defects, which I have never thought as in my previous posts?

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