Friday, December 31, 2010

Glorious Cricket era in Chhapiya

“....Like disappearance of glorious and exemplary architecture and engineering of Pagoda, cricket in Chhapiya only in memory......”
       The coldest days are rewinding and refreshing my nostalgic of decades ago. There was the biggest and well managed playing ground of that area, which was not only used for football and cricket but also for grazing of cattle in rainy season. After school, whether it was 12 noon (more than 40°C in summer) or 5 pm (pleasant breezing), we used to spent few hours in that ground. As I remember, Jagat guru (same Jagat Tamata, national coach after Roy Luke Dias or different ? Oops! Foggy memory) had started his career as coach from Chaapiya. Everyday, all player had to practice and to run early in the morning for 2-3 hours, that's why our senior team was always fit to play. Although, not mandatory, we 'fucche', even in the coldest days before sunrise, used to run in parallel to them (circular path of a lesser diameter). I thank and express heartily gratitude to Jagat guru for his major contribution and wish a success for national team on his strategy.
       Our junior/fuchhe team hardly got chance to play/practice in the pitch situated in the center. Sometimes, we were gifted the damaged/repaired Bat and leather Ball, otherwise we had to rely on Stem (of tree) for Bat and rubbish plastic (after partial burning) for Ball, which was very hard. Although, I frequently contributed 50 % of total run score for 'Fuchhe team' but was censured due to missing catch and misfield.
      Chhapiya (Bhetghat Club) has given birth to many national player of cricket. From first generation, Dal Bahadur Thapa and Tej Narayan Pokhrel were included in national team but cricket of Nepal was inchoate and rarely exposed internationally, in those days. From second generation Hari Thapa, one of the fastest bowler of Nepal was selected in closed training session but because of his inconsistency, Binod Das was selected instead of him. Aashis Karki, Narayan Pokhrel, Santhosh Thapa (Thakali) were other key players.
      Recently, Bhairahawa won the U-19 Wai-Wai cup, panegyrical congratulation !!!!...... Bhetghat club frequently won almost all matches of football and cricket and amazingly, colt of Chhapiya sometimes stunned full of veteran (Anup, Zafar, sorry, I forget others names), rich and elite team of Bhairahawa (MCC / Khukuri / ? Club) in cricket tournaments ,and other team were not competitive. This history of frequent wining in both kind of matches, probably never repeats. Nowadays, hardly there is a cricket / football team because young (16-40 years) generation is dispersed either to Kathmandu or many countries for higher education (after SLC/+2) or job. If a team could be made would be puny and hardly enter the second round in any tournaments.
      Why did glory of Chhapiya fall down to gloomy days and inconspicuous without any significant accident/abruption in the system, even in this era where Nepal has been recognized as potent leading nation in cricket ? My assumption are;
Patronization, Impecunious and Club's responsibility: Former skippers, veterans of Bhetghat club should have taken the leadership for team arranging and funding and to guide and peruse juniors but I have found, all of them are inert. Fuchhes don't have to worry about their accommodation and earning and even for bat and ball or football (parent may provide upon crying). But the elders and veterans have to look a secure future and/or their family, no one will for penurious life. Unfortunately, the club is neither arranging ball, bat, pads, gloves nor any kind of support to player.
 Change in Occupation: Previously almost all inhabitant of Chhapiya were dependent on agriculture, hence, were available in Chhapiya. Veterans were selected because of competition and option to choose among many players. Recent trend of exodus to Gulf, Korea, Europe, USA (according to their capability) is creating a vacuum of youth, which is the important reason, I think.
       Besides these, current politician and security situation also, exacerbating plethora of game along with reducing the number of tournaments and enthusiasm as there is a diverse ethnic and religious group living together, which is enervating development and economy.
                                                                                                                Adieu 2010.

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