Saturday, November 20, 2010

Nonage Memory Refreshing Migratory Birds

Recalling my foggy memory of more than 17 years ago, my father used to declare the beginning and the ending of the season after observing the sky. I would have wondered, how he could prevised to do or don’t about agricultural work for neighbors, and astonished upon his forecast of rain on the blue sky.
Clarion for saving birds
Migratory birds seeking destination
Then, very high in the sky, I noticed inexplicit semi-circle patterns created by the flocks of migratory birds (at that time I didn’t know the term and concept of migratory bird, instead used to say “Maal Chara”). I didn’t know, where were they coming from and going to? But had noticed they were visible only at beginning and ending of seasons (rainy, summer, and winter), might be due to migration from both Northern part (Russia) and Southern part (Australia). Although very small area of swamp, wetland, and fen is available nearby my house, I have never seen alighting of these flocks of immigrant birds and neither tried to retrieve their alighting area. So, I couldn’t figure out which species they were and probably never because these swamp area are now converted to the private ponds for fisheries.
Maal Chara
Migratory Birds
After a long time (near about to delete from memory), I could see them again but in different place to my house. The abstraction is the flight in lower height and could be clicked but not enough to recognize; early in the morning in those days vs. in the evening; number reduced by approx. four times. Really are they reduced? Due to global warming? Human occupy their habitat? I am unable to compare with the same condition and with the same place as nostalgia.
Save Swamp, wetland, fen
Endangered bird
My personal clarions to save these guests by maintaining swamp area and not poaching. So that, not only we could declare about seasons but also to patch up tourism in Nepal.

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