Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Fedora 14 Released

Fedora 14 (A kind of Linux Operating System) has been released today and its feature can be found here and installation guide can be found here and here or pdf. You can Download different desktop environment of Fedora 14 from here.

Why Fedora ?

  1. Benefit of Linux OS (Visit my previous article).
  2. More than 2,000 (software) repository are available and free.
  3. Release cycle is short (Approx. 6 months) so, latest discovery in Linux system is included in Fedora in comparison to other Linux OS (Fedora is leader, not follower). But, critics say that software/codes are tested in Fedora may cause instability and hamper on its reliability.
  4. Easy to install not only whole Operating System but also software and applications using yum install ..... (good internet connectivity is beneficial).
  5. Can be used as Home/Office Desktop environment even as Server (CentOS is preferred).
  6. Available in many different languages.
  7. Wide community support, just mention your problem here (registration is necessary) probably, get solution within 24 hour.
Remember you are getting everything free; don't aspect so much facility, however, you'll get almost your needs.

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