Wednesday, July 18, 2018

BCM BT513-II Biochemistry Model Question.

Model Questions for Biochemistry (M.Sc. Biotechnology, I-Semester, set II)

Long Answer Question: (7.5 × 1 = 7.5) (any one)

  1. Write the structure and function of polysaccharides in the living organisms.
  2. Classify the lipids and describe the structure of saturated and unsaturated fatty acids.
  3. Explain the major enzyme-catalyzed reactions with examples.
  4. What is PUFA? Describe the structure and functions of steroids.
  5. Write the structure and function of mono-saccharides.
  6. Define Michaelis-Menten expression for single substrate single enzyme catalyzed reaction. What is the significance of Michaelis constant?

Short Answer Question: (2.5 × 3 = 7.5) (any three)
  1. Write a short note on competitive inhibitor.
  2. What are the biological roles of nucleic acids?
  3. Describe the structure and biological role of glycoprotein.
  4. Explain the two major hypotheses for mode of enzyme action.
  5. Define enzyme. Describe Six-major types of enzyme-catalysed reaction.
  6. Suppose we have a mixture of an enzyme that contains total number of enzyme 0.1M. At this concentration (when all active site are filled), the maximal rate of reaction is 60,000M/S. Calculate the turnover number of that enzyme and time it takes to convert one substrate into a product molecule.
  7. Draw the structure of lactose.
  8. Draw the structure of sucrose.
  9. Write a short note on starch.

Very Short Answer Question:
(1 × 5 = 5) (any five)
  1. Write the Michaelis-Menten equation.
  2. Write the Henderson and Hasselbach equation.
  3. What do you mean by Turnover Number of an enzyme?
  4. Define cofactor and coenzyme.
  5. What is an isoenzyme?
  6. What do you mean by steady state assumption?
  7. Draw the structure of alpha-D-glucose.
  8. Draw the structure of alpha-D-fructose.
  9. Draw the structure of dGTP.
  10. What is glycogenin?
  11. Write a short note on sphingolipid.

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