Saturday, November 07, 2015

Active Nepalese Blogger and Future of Blogging

There were hundreds of Nepalese blogger writing in Nepali and English from Nepal and abroad. Despite many hurdles, political imbalances, difficulty in internet and electricity access; many of them were frequently feeding us. However, the majority of them disappear from blogverse (Universe of blog), nowadays. Mainly due to Facebook and Twitter, which are proving platforms for mini and micro-blogging, several online newspapers, and may be due to chaos in the country.

Country is suffering from unannounced blockade making distasteful festivals and life. We are struggling to get minimum living things such as gas for cooking, vehicles, even medicines, just a few to mention here. We have to spend majority of time to get such minimum living standard impeding for other creativity. However, still some blogger are paying more attention to the aesthetic value of blog for Nepalese and promulgating voluntarily. According to contribution since past month, the following are active blogs for the Nepalese by Nepalese.  News blog, copy-paste blog, the blog which are filled only with personal bio-data, and malfunctioned or virus infected blogs are removed from the list. Please, suggest me if remains to be included.

1. साहित्य संग्रहालय
2. मेरो संसार
3. केही आफ्नै कथा, ब्यथा अनि भावनाहरु
4. समय र परिवेश
5. नेपालप्लस
6. सापेक्ष बुझाई
7. रामकुमार परियार
8. Sarad Kumar Gauchan's DIARY
9. Nepalvidhya
10. Tales of Sun and Rain (घामपानीका कहानी)
11. hataru/हटारु
12. Apawad
13. अनलाइन कम्प्युटर इनिस्टीच्युट
14. अभिनव.कम 
15. गाउँले मन
16. मेरो चौतारी डट कम
17. DAUTARI :: दौंतरी
18. शब्द (Shabda) ...
20. Aakar Post
21. Bikash Koirala | What I Feel
22. मेरो खेस्रा whatever i feel 
23. Palpali Milan
24. मेरो आफ्नै सेरोफेरो
25. शब्द चित्र डट कम
26. शहरबाट शब्दहरु
27. साहित्यः जीवनको निम्ति
28. मेरो ब्लग
29. समकालीन साहित्य
30. Rabindra Neupane
31. यात्रीको ब्लग
33. प्रगतिशील लेखक सङ्घ, नेपाल
34. Kapilvastu Day Blog

Notable blogs, which were active in the past, are here. Hopefully, these will be reactivated again.
मेरो विचार र अभिव्यक्तिको साझा चौतारी
दूर्जेय चेतना
साइबर चौतारी
Because of gradual loss of enthusiasm in blogging and many hurdles in Nepal, blogverse may shrink in future, however, it gives immense self-satisfaction.

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