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Model Questions for Immunology

Model Questions for Immunology (MSc Microbiology, Faculty of Science, TU, Nepal)
Long Answer Questions (10)
   1. Explain in brief about type III hypersensitivity. Differentiate between immediate and delayed type hypersensitivity.

Short Answer Questions (5 marks for each)
   2. What is autoimmunity? Explain with some abnormal physiology in human body.
   3. Explain the entry of HIV in CD4 cell.
   4. Write in brief about immunotolerance.
   5. Explain the mechanism of tissue injury in type I hypersensitivity.

Very Short Answer Questions (2 marks for each)
   6. Describe the neonatal jaundice in brief.
   7. What is myasthenia gravis?
   8. What is arthus reaction?
   9. Describe in brief about chronic granulomatous disease.
   10. Explain the manifestation of mutations occur in the Bruton's tyrosine kinase (Btk) gene.
   11. Enlist some diseases due to congenital immunodeficiency.

MCQs (1 mark for each)
1. Type I hypersensitivity can be blocked using:
      A  Histamine.
      B  An IgA myeloma.
      C  A myeloma protein of mixed antibody class.
      D  Interleukin-5.
      E  Sodium cromoglycate.

2. Mycoplasma pneumoniae infection can lead to:
      A  Hashimoto's thyroiditis.
      B  Cold hemagglutinin disease.
      C  Agranulocytosis.
      D  Thrombocytopenic purpura.
      E  Neonatal alloimmune thrombocytopenia.

3. The term reactive lysis usually refers to a sequence of events involving:
      A Complement.
      B Natural killer (NK) cells.
      C Cytotoxic T-lymphocytes (CTL).
      D Antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity (ADCC).
      E Th1 cells.

4. Which type of hypersensitivity cannot be transferred with serum antibody?:
      A  Type I.
      B  Type II.
      C  Type III.
      D  Type IV.
      E  Type V.

5. Anaphylaxis can be triggerred by cross-linking of IgE receptors on:
      A  Monocytes.
      B  Mast cells.
      C  B-cells.
      D  Eosinophils.
      E  Neutrophils.
         Source: Roitt's Essential Immunology, 12th Edition.

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