Sunday, October 03, 2010

Make Typing Easy

By Bishnu Marasini
Sometimes we become irritated and tired when repeatedly typing some lengthy and/or bummer words (For example, we have to type, to get e.g.,) and symbols. Such case happens particularly during thesis, book, etc. writing. Scientific and mathematical symbols writing and their expression is more boring for some people (at least like me who hate typing comparing the other activities in front of computer). Although we might not have noticed, MS office has built facility to overcome this irritation. Just type eg (and space) to get e.g., just type temp (and space) to get temperature
  1. Click on MS office icon on the upper left corner.
  2. Click on word option. 
  3. Click/select on proofing
  4. Select AutoCorrect Option
  5. Select the AutoCorrect Tab
  6. (6A) Type the unique shortest form of the word for the desired word in left side and (6B) the desired (correct spelling) on the right side as shown in the figure.
  7. Click Replace to store on the database (on MS Word DLL) 
  8. Then OK.
  9. To insert frequently used symbol (like °C,α, β, etc.) select Math AutoCorrect tab.
  10. Don't forget to check on “Use Math AutoCorrect rules outside the math regions".
  11. Do/type again as described in 6 and as shown in the figure to get the desired result.
It will be only waste of time if this trick is done in those places (like cyber cafe) where OS is formatted in every week or month.

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