Thursday, January 06, 2005

What does Happen, if the Prime Minister of Nepal Becomes Supreme?

If the Prime Minister (PM) / president / king becomes supreme and powerful, and has supreme authority for the decision, the decision may not always become veracity. Look back at Rana dynasty and their monopoly and cruelty. Actually, Ranas are responsible to degrade deteriorate and to make Nepal a poor country by shutting down the educational institutes, hanging, jailing the scholars. Then, Nepal is becoming poorer and fragile day by day. No one could raise question against Rana. Another example of recent past, the noxious decision taken by Deuba to dismiss parliament, which make shocked many Nepalese.
Although PM should be powerful, it should be controlled by parliament and king/president. In addition, academic background should be strong to be eligible to become PM. In fact, not only for PM, but also for other minister and all Member of Parliament also needs a good academic background.  Unfortunately, in Nepal, very few of them have acceptable academic background and we are following them. This is one reason that Nepal is becoming poorer and poorer in recent days.
In the worst case, the first/second class scholars, i.e., doctors/engineers/officers are controlled by the third class scholars, i.e., politicians who are ultimately controlled by failed class, i.e., mafias and dons. What a painful condition where we are surviving. By Bishnu Marasini When will Nepal get buildings of such kind?

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