Tuesday, January 10, 2006

I lost a thousand rupees

Perhaps I had put that in virtual pocket of jacket or in side pocket with hanky; I lost a thousand rupees note yesterday. The money was lent by Kasiji to pay my room rent (this is the first time I failed to pay in time although landlord had never asked). It made me very anxious not being able to pay rent in time and losing a big money. I was rebuking myself and no desire to eat at al till late night.

Diving in notion how I can recover that money, lastly I became happy guiding me as successful. Because very rich, merchant traders sometimes loss their money in lakh crore and this is only in thousand showing sign and ignition that I shall also become a rich and genuine.

Then I cooked rice, spicy vegetable & very delicious condiment and enjoyed in eating then slept promptly hoping nice dream.

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  1. sunaka thaila hataka maila k garnu dhanale
    saag ra sisnu khayako bes aanandi maanale