Friday, January 19, 2007

Not Jokes like joke

I shook hand with sir
When our department was locked, I shook hand with a sir who was standing in front of channel gate (door), thinking that he was our one batch senior dai and said, "K chha dai? Aaram hununcha?" giving my hand.

One of our sir told me to deliver that he would not coming tomorrow to teach us and would come on Tuesday. "Tuesday?" ,I said. "Yes don’t forget to deliver",sir emphasized. "Ok sir". After half an hour when friends met, I said, "sir is not coming tomorrow, he will come on Sunday." (How quickly I forgot).

May be your father
One of our, friend expressed his feeling while entering for tea on a house whose was made up of wood and mud and was squabble. He said, "Oh! like my house, I am feeling I am in my house". Then another friend replied promptly, pointing towards house owner who was cooking tea for us, "He may be your father".

Dog thought
In a picnic spot a dog staring a friend for a long time. The friend was then astonished and told, "Why is it looking at me so long time?" then other friend said, "Perhaps it is thinking about his big brother?"

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