Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Model Questions for Biochemistry

Model Questions for Biochemistry (Biotechnology)

Long Answer Question: (6 × 1 = 6) (any one)
1) Explain the biological functions of proteins with examples.
2) Explain the essential amino acids.

Short Answer Question: (2.5 × 2 = 5) (any two)
1) Describe how peptide bond is formed.
2) Draw the structures of non-polar and non-charged aliphatic amino acids.
3) Mention the the enzymes and co-factors involved in hydroxylation of proline and lysine in collagen synthesis.

Very Short Answer Question: (1 × 4 = 4) (any four)
1) Define denaturation of proteins.
2) Which bonds are flexible for rotation in a dipeptide?
3) Mention the replaced amino acids that leads to sickle cell anemia.
4) Define the quaternary structure of proteins?
5) What are the major amino acids in collagen?
6) What is the Ramachandran Plot?

Multiple Choice Question: (1 × 5 = 5) (any five)

1. Marfan's syndrome is thought to be a mutation affecting
A. hemoglobin synthesis                       B. insufficient thyroid production
C. metabolism of homogentisic acid     D. collagen and/or elastin synthesis

2. Protein folding is
A. automatic, mediated by the protein itself
B. mediated by other proteins called chaperones
C. mediated by the ribosomes
D. by the protease enzyme

3. The isoelectric point of an amino acid is defined as the pH
A. where the molecule carries no electric charge
B. where the carboxyl group is uncharged
C. where the amino group is uncharged
D. of maximum electrolytic mobility

4. What is the heaviest of the twenty amino acids?
A. phenylalanine             B. tryptophan
C. tyrosine                       D. histidine

5. D-Alanine and L-Alanine are technically known as
A. polymer                       B. enantiomers
C. epimers                        D. anomers

6. Which of the following pairs of amino acids would carry a negative charge on their side chain at pH 8.0?
A. leucine & glycine              B. asparagine & glutamine
C. histidine & lysine              D. aspartate & glutamate

7. Which of the following amino acid do not fall under the category of essential amino acid?
A. leucine             B. histidine            C. glycine           D. methionine

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