Saturday, August 11, 2012

Is Grub and Boot Error in Fedora the Reason for Declination in User Numbers?

I had used Red Hat, a kind (distro) of Linux operating systems over a decade ago as a first Linux OS. So, I love to use Fedora, CentOS, Scientific Linux, and Fedora as the most preferred nowadays.

I like Fedora because it is a leader of all Linux distro in terms of rolling out and testing of new software. There are some science dedicated Linux distros, such as Scientific Linux, Bio-Linux, Scibuntu, etc. However, it has been easier for me to use latest science / chemistry related software, such as PyMol, Chimera, Autodock, OpenBabel, BioPerl, etc. in graphical version via Fedora. Sometimes, some of this software had made me irritation due to repeated crashes. We can tolerate the crash because of availability for free use of these precious software. But the obnoxious condition in Fedora is due to crash or error in Grub / boot.

I have always been using a dual boot system of Fedora and Windows OS. Grub boot as master. Fedora 4, 9, 12 and 17 were shipped the version with Grub Error, as I experienced. Unlike other error crash, for Grub / boot error, we are unable to report or repair with the simple restart of the computer. It may be due to infection / viruses or due to bugs.

The grub / boot error is a very sensitive issue. At the initial days, I couldn't fix that error and had to format hard disk, which was responsible for my data loss. Thus, this boot error affected Windows system also. I hope Fedora will be shipped with a stable and reliable version of Grub. And Fedora can compete with Linux Mint, Ubuntu and Mageia to take its sovereignty again.

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