Sunday, February 19, 2012

Finally, we got Publication in International Journal

After a long waiting, between frustration and enthusiasm, we read enthusiastic and pleasant news about the acceptance of our article in international journal. And surprisingly, it is included in top five "highly accessed" articles for this month (February, 2012).

We had spent almost two years in this research including literature search and writing time. Kathmandu Model Hospital and Central Department of Microbiology had provided lab facility.  Although we had not got any kind of stipend and financial support and even no internet facility in lab or university (it was not free), we did it.  We used to visit Cyber café @ Rs. 20-40 /hour for literature search and related articles. The co-authors, Pankaj Baral and Sanjiv Neupane had spent their pocket money to purchase chemicals such as DNA ladder, restriction enzymes, etc. I spend pocket money for collection of various medicinal plants and some medicines (in kg) that we are using traditionally. Some of our relatives and colleagues used to laugh at us and say it was craziness. This had created a bit disappointment, but we had the enthusiasm for science and research. These days, scientists from most of the developed countries are demanding from Government not to cut the budget for Science and Technology, where as we are struggling for a fraction of amount the budget for Science and Technology.

We would like to thank and express a heartful gratitude to Prof. Dr. Ronald Bauerele, Virginia University School of Medicine, USA, who trained us about the technique of Molecular Biology during six months stay in Nepal. Also, he provided technical and moral support along with science discussion. Thanks to Prof. Dr. Anjana Singh, Central Department of Microbiology, Dr. Bharat Pradhan, Kathmandu Model Hospital and obviously our mentors for guidance and for the arrangement of laboratory.

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