Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Cannot Nobel prize be awarded for Windows OS, Google or Facebook ?

Announcement of Nobel prize soothed pounding of many people. Although no Nepali has been awarded, Nobel prize is the subject in the gossip of literate Nepali. Nobel prize has been becoming the dream and destination not only for scientists but also for politicians, economists, writers and so on. Nobel prize is intended for new discovery, or significant contributor who made life easier and well organized society.

The first step in the discovery of theory or science is the designing of research through literature search. Some search engines certainly have signified and accelerated in this process. There are many search engines, and Google is the widely used and popular. Google search engine script was discovered by Larry Page and Sergey Brin as PhD candidates at Stanford University. 

Analysis and data interpretation of research and experiments needs software for promptness and accuracy. The software needs good platform to be installed. Bill Gates and his colleagues had discovered and developed the popular operating system (OS), DOS, Windows. Mac OS, Unix, Linux, FreeBSD, etc. are the other OS, but still they  are not as popular, and easier as Windows OS. In addition, Microsoft has developed the office packages (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.), which are also essential in research. Nobel prize in Physics has been awarded for research of hard disk miniaturization (2007), and development of integrated circuits (2000), which are essential part of computer hardware. I think, Software developer also has the similar type of contribution and deserves for the Nobel prize. 

Facebook and twitter, however, are not essential in the scientific study, but they are popular among the community and  are good medium to increase the relationship and information. And Facebook is the top web page based on the number of users everyday.

In my opinion, the famous novel, Harry Porter, Miscrosoft OS, Google, Facebook, Twitter, or their designer deserve Nobel prize in literature. Probably, there would be a policy, not to award Nobel prize who had gained popularity and money.

If Nobel prize is awarded for these computer applications, which category would be appropriate for them? Physics, due to the scripts design and engineering? Economics, as these are among top revenue generating companies? Peace,  because Facebook and Twitter had played an important role to dethrone the tyrant of Egypt and other countries. some people may think reverse of it, people agitated and involved in violence due to Facebook and Twitter.

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