Sunday, May 22, 2011

Anxiety, Anger Soothed by the Pigeons 2

Contd from part 1. When I opened the balcony door considering to seize these disturbing pigeons, I could see the nest with two eggs.
Best place to make nest; neither eagle nor weather attack, I assure nor human
Each door covered with extra panel of net, to avoid mosquito and other insects. But there is neither spring nor peg in the balcony door so that outsider panel remains a little bit open and there is always a gap between two panels of the door. No problem in the main entrance door, both panels are good. I had been requesting the in-charge of this house to solve the problem. What is the value of this extra net-panel if it always remains open? He always had been saying tomorrow-tomorrow for past four months. It is just a 15 minutes work to install spring or peg. Now, I give up to request.
A small gap created between two panels of the doors
Certainly, take benefit of the gap
I remembered, Kabi Siromani, Lekhnath Poudel’s poem, “Gauthali Bolyo Chiribiri Chyarrya”. Both swallow and the person were saying the house belonged to them, and the poet became confused.

I also became confused whether this room belonged to me or bird, or stay together. I decided to let it. Might the pigeon-pair (parents) be watching me and their nest from a short distance. The pigeon-pair, the nest and eggs soothed my anger and anxiety. I forgot what happened the whole day and returned to bed for asleep.

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