Friday, April 29, 2011

Anxiety and Anger Soothed by the Pigeons, Symbol of Peace

I love research work. In childhood, I used to spend several hours on electronics circuit board; forgot hunger-ness, and ultimately scolded by mother. In these days, from  8 AM to 11 PM stay in laboratory (subtracting tea, lunch and dinner time), and sleep immediately after reaching the room. Even in holidays, I have the same routine.

Few days ago, we went in tour. It was a lab missing day for me after several months. All of us had enjoyed the tour. But while returning, my colleague, the newcomer of this institute, noticed the mobile, which was not used for last five hours, was missing from the bag. Oops! The mobile was in bag and the bag was never taken out of the vehicle.  I was among the seniors, who stayed here for a long time, had some responsibility to take care of newcomer, but I, in fact all seniors failed. That created us a pressure and forced to analyze whether the mobile was lost or stolen.

During this 5 hours period we were in three spots. Among 3 spots, the last spot, where vehicle was abandoned for 1 hour while boating to reach middle of the lake, and there were a lot of people in the vicinity of the vehicle. But the driver insisted, “I locked every windows and doors, and there is no sign of opening”. He was the last while leaving the vehicle, and the first while catching up it, after boating. Before and after joining boat, we had spent few minutes on snapping and clicking and were not caring for unlocked vehicle and goods. Probably someone had stolen at that time. The colleague mentioned, "Only mobile is stolen not money and others". This statement made the situation more complex to analyze. We checked the vehicle very carefully, everyone's bag, but no success! Inept! This time, compared to the lab cases that I witnessed, the case is entirely different, no sufficient control group for retrospective study. How can it be interpretable?

Thinking and agitating I couldn't sleep, though I was tired. In the late midnight, I could hear the "coo" of pigeons (probably such sound made in previous days but deep sleep might made unnoticed, I didn't know whether the pigeons were taking shelter in balcony). That 'coo' made irritation to tensioned mind it was like adding ghee in the fire. That increased my anger, I wanted to remove these pigeons from balcony. To appease the anger, I suddenly got up and opened the balcony door, then I found ....Pigeon (Rock Pigeon)......(contd....see part-2)

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