Friday, March 11, 2011

Sometime Google, Yahoo and Bing alone or together make fool to user

Probably, all of us have noticed, the result shown by Google was different than those actually typed and intended to search. I realize this many times. I read the whole web page or pdf file recommended/indexed by Google/Yahoo/Bing search but no word even the meaning of that word could be found for a keyword (phrase) that I had searched. Sometime, in worse case, these search engine index with the web site of different language.

Why Google (or Yahoo or Bing) index these non-sense web site in their first page ? Whether any advertisement scheme or payment scheme is available, so that any web page is indexed in first page for any keyword? Or, is there bug or fault in their search engine code? Or, if high ranked webpage links to, or embed feed-proxy of low ranked web page, then the content of low ranked page is indexed to high ranked web page? Or, spider's visit mistakenly understood as owner by these search engine?

This is still mysterious that I have been willing to know the actual fact for several years. I have not mentioned any example here because it is dynamic and once mistakenly indexed site (webpage) might have corrected after a week. Sometime it makes trouble to the internet users from the countries like Nepal where internet-speed and electricity are precious.

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