Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Presentation Styles of European/American Scientists and South Asian Scientists

I have been attending some national and international symposiums and getting chance to listen seminars by veterans from many countries. Two weeks ago, I got chance to take part in two inauguration ceremonies in a day. It was really an exciting experience as two inaugurations in a single day. Surprisingly, a distinct way of presentation styles between South Asian scientists and European/American scientists that I have realized, however, may not be interacted with sufficient eminent scientists.
South Asian
  1. The sentence starts as, I/my colleague discovered........
  2. Content : most of the literature survey, and long introduction, and few result.
  3. Slide filled with most of copied and pasted texts, and definitions.
  4. Seminar deliver : just read text that written in slide somewhat similar to reading news and make audience sleep.
  5. Spend time just to define few scientific terms.
  6. Acknowledge : no or very few.
  7. Don't care for allocated time limit.
  1. The sentence starts as, we/our team discovered........
  2. Content : most of their own result and less literature survey, and short introduction.
  3. Slide filled with most of pictorial and graphical representation of their experimental findings.
  4. Seminar deliver : describe picture or graph try to make audience understand of new discovery.
  5. Spend time using scientific terms to describe the results, science and mechanism.
  6. Acknowledge : whole team(s).
  7. Aware of time limit.
Important, this is not intended to make a conclusion that all South Asian scientists do as mentioned above, and neither all European/American scientists can always do in this manner.

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