Friday, February 02, 2007

A Week Without Contact of Friends

A Week of few Word Uttered
       Everyday we used to meet at a certain point that would be almost at equal distant for all of us from our room. We used to debate Microbiology, and I was loquacious. If we could not meet, we used to phone one another. But last week became different to me. I did not meet anyone and surprisingly NO phone. I could utter just 2-3 sentences/day, a thrift week.
       I had spent 3 days in IT unit central library where I had spoken only the word, “Namaskar Lal sir.” One day I had planned to meet Khagendra Koirala who had invited me through SMS. But on the road I lured and stuck on cyber café, meanwhile I got an SMS again that he was not in his room, so I continued for five hours in Nayabazaar. Rest of the days I spent in the apartment.
       I was not angry with any of the friends and neither disappointed nor diseased. It was fortuitous. I showed the insanity to study Visual Basic 6.0, VBScript, and web page designing, which I had started to learn many years ago. I wanted a little bit advance study. Fortunately, in the halcyon environment I could study in deep and could generate some files and completed some basic tasks. I could make some amusing web pages as well as some calculating software (that could be useful in our practical class) in Visual Basic. Now I laugh at me why I was spending so many times in computer with such craziness. My profession is not for the computer because my degree in biology.

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